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Sacred Little Ones is a song Teague wrote to honor all the children from the Missionary days. This was a dark time in American history so many Native American children were abused emotionally, physically, sexually, and many lost their lives by the missionary church. In the name of God, men ripped children from their homes and beat them anytime they spoke their Native Languages in an effort to assimilate these Natives Americans to live the white way and destroy traditional culture and way of life. Mass graves are often found by these Missions are a reminder of the tactics missionary's used to achieve this "progress". Sacred Little Ones is a song that acknowledges these atrocities in American history by the church against Native Culture and these "Sacred Little Ones", to hold the church, and all involved accountable, and to rip the bandaid off this time so we may heal. The song is also about hope and responsibility. Hope for the future of all children, not just Native Children but all children. To raise them up and do everything we can to protect, and love them. It's our responsibility that this never happens again and it's in all our hearts to keep this Sacred oath to protect all children from harm. In the background of this song is Teague's son Natu'Okomii. His name means Medicine Hollar, which is described as a wolves howl, but with medicine, with power. He is simply playing, just being a happy baby and Teague put him playing through the song to send a message..this is what our responsibility is, to protect all children that these types of atrocities never happen to any child, ever. The sound of Natu'Okomii playing, laughing is how all children should sound and it is our responsibility to protect all of our "Sacred Little Ones". 


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