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Born in Missoula, and growing up on the Blackfeet reservation in Browning, MT riding horses, swimming in the clear glacier water, Teague Goodvoice draws some of his inspiration from his traditional Pikuni (Blackfeet) upbringing on the Rez.

The rest of his inspiration comes from performing in Europe dancing and sharing his culture in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, Scotland, and Ireland.


He picked up the flute in May 2020 and started his musical journey downtown Missoula playing outside by himself or with other musicians of any genre.


This has led him to acting, producing in movies as well as composing music for film. His music is described as ethereal, soulful, and his connection from his heart through his flute is felt in the listeners' soul.

One of his productions includes:

"Mystery at Sweat House Creek"

Check it out Here: Mystery at Sweat House Creek (Short 2021) - IMDb

Teague is also collaborating with Jonathan White Eagle on "Blood of My Tears" and "Checkmate"


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